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What We Do!

Herat Host - Our Customers, Our Marketers.

What's our goals!

We are making a bright future for our society with the services that we provide. We educate companies about ICT and teach them how ICT can bring changes to their businesses.

  1. About Us

    Herat Host is a privately held IT Services company established in 2010. Since its foundation, Herat Host has delivered different cost effective and high-quality ICT solutions for a wide range of industries and domains. These solutions have included consumer and business software development, web hosting, network implementation, online shopping solutions, IT consulting, IT training and community services.

  2. Mission Statement

    Herat Host aims to employ experts from both gender female and male in the IT field that are able to provide the highest quality products and services for their customers. Herat Host strives to have the best support and maintenance for its products and services, in order to find new customers and expand its influence on the Afghan ICT services industry.

  3. Vision Statement

    Herat Host wants to be the best-known IT services company providing the highest quality services in Afghanistan and because of that, the company vision is to serve clients as best as they can.

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